MES Reopening Model, FAQs & School Handbook

Quarter 4 Grade Level School Calendars

Maunawili 2020-2021 K-2 and 6 Quarter 4 School Calendar.pdf
Maunawili 2020-2021 Grades 3-5 Quarter 4 School Calendar.pdf

MES Opening of School Handbook 2020-2021 (Update 2/18/21)

Draft Original Copy MES Opening School Handbook
Maunawili 2020-2021 K-2 School Calendar.pdf
Maunawili 2020-2021 Grade 3 School Calendar.pdf
Maunawili 2020-2021 Grade 4 School Calendar.pdf
Maunawili 2020-2021 Grades 5-6 School Calendar.pdf

Face Covering/Mask Policy

  • Face shields are being provided to all students and faculty.

  • Face masks must be worn when outside the classroom. This includes arrival to school, walking around campus (going to: recess, lunch, office, health room), and when leaving school at the end of the day.

  • Students will be required to wear masks in the classroom. Based on teacher discretion, there may be instructional activities in which students may need to wear a face shield instead.

  • Students do not need to wear masks during recess if they can maintain social distancing guidelines.

  • Exceptions for face masks apply to those for whom it is not safe to do so due to age, medical condition, or other considerations. We request that the school provided face shield be worn in these instances instead.

  • Parents/legal guardians will be responsible for providing students with face masks.

Parent Questions.pdf